1, We Men programme aims to spread advocacy to all the men in the society by bringing a positive change for the cause of women safety and violence against women. Our young volunteers, who are empowered, enthusiast and dedicated to work towards a positive change, are starting this by organizing sessions with 10 – 15 neighbours or friends. This will be especially for men which works for gender sensitization by speaking about the safety of girls and violence against women and spreading awareness among their friends and relatives.

2. Petition to Parliament – PARI filed a public petition calling for the Indian Parliament to organize a two-day annual session to discuss and deliberate on women’s issues. The aim of this petition is to give and dedicate adequate attention towards women’s issues, their quality of life. Lok Sabha Speaker Shri Om Birla, along with several Members of Parliament have already pledged their support for the same. Yogita’s petition on regarding the same has over one lakh signatures, and is rated as one of the top campaigns of globally. Till now we have crossed around 1 lakh signatures.

3. Project Ummeed focused on promoting safe driving and adherence to traffic rules by Blue line Bus drivers. This was driven by the ever-increasing number of deaths as a result of road accidents owing to reckless and uncontrolled driving by these Bus drivers. Our Foundation laid special emphasis on addressing the emotional, physical, and overall mental wellbeing of the drivers through counselling sessions and workshops.

4. Project Utthhan was specifically directed towards women empowerment and poverty elimination. Our target audience comprised of Widows, single women and other financially distressed women. We focused on their skill development so as to increase their earning ability. The selected team of women was professionally trained in the interior and exterior car cleaning and was the pilot batch of India’s first All-Women Car Cleaning Services launched initially in Delhi NCR. This project was a runaway success, and we were successfully able to place more than 1000 women from the Economically Weaker Sections (EWS) of the Society as Cab drivers, Housekeeping Staff and Car Cleaners.

5. Project Wagon aimed at providing the emergency medical service mainly to the poor and underprivileged trauma victims. It was observed that Delhi requires a minimum number of ambulances to reach the victims within a stipulated time of 10 minutes. This may also go up further if the areas under NCR are also covered. This cab will be in full equipped state.It will also help in spreading awareness amongst the people for providing help to those who need medical help and never ignore a victim when passed by.

6. Power “Youth for a cause” – The mission of the “Youth for a cause” is to bring about positive community change by providing a social platform to all such young individuals who are competent, empowered, and enthusiastic and dedicated to work towards socio-cultural and socio-economic issues facing our country. It will create a forum wherein those willing to become social entrepreneurs can associate themselves with Corporate Social Responsibility Projects undertaken by various organizations.

7. Night Shelter – Community Development Programmes was another core area for DCF. We founded and ran Night Sheltersfor Homeless women & children of Delhi in winters at three locations of New Delhi – Ajmeri Gate, Kashmere Gate and KotlaMubarakpur impacting320 people. This night shelter provides various facility like Blankets, Dairies, Jute mats, Colorv TV, Newspaper, Drinking water supply. The entry for those night shelter is Rs. 6/- per head per night but the woman and children below 16 years have been provided shelter facility for free.